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Discover the wanaromah fragrance family, which has 5 scents that reflects each fragrance family : oriental, fresh, floral, sweet and spicy notes of extrait de parfum. Each bottle of natural spray includes 30 ml.

FRAGRANCE TYPE Oriental, Fresh, Sweet, Floral, Spicy
OCCASION Special, Occasion, Formal, Sports, Casual
QUANTITY 30ml (Spray)
GENDER Male, Female, Unisex

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wanaromah oriental notes are blends of wood, amber, tobacco, animalic and been popular for traditional wear and tropical climatic conditions.

These fragrances are mainly for men and women in places like india, ancient arabia, and middle eastern countries.

Wanaromah sweet notes are combinations and blends of wild berries and exotic fruit fragrances. It's also one of the most difficult scents to describe.

This is the universal fragrance family, with sexy cool-warm notes of wanaromah sweet spices.

Wanaromah spicy notes provide a seductive and enticing aroma. These scents are designed to evoke historical feelings and trends.

Wanaromah spicy notes spread smells like pepper, fresh ginger, cinnamon, etc.

Wanaromal floral notes that make you feel like fresh-cut flowers or have a powdery note to them.

Floral scents are perfect for the spring and evenings.

Wanaromah fresh notes encompasses clean bright scents with citric & aquatic notes.

Fresh notes are paired with spicy, wood notes to create more robust with refreshing fragrances.

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