Wanaromah History

Wanaromah Essential & Perfumes is a luxury perfume brand founded by Mr.Mohamed Hanifa in 1933 with the aim to provide high quality, personalized perfumes for every occasion. A pioneer in his field, Mr.Mohamed Hanifa started his perfume business as a young man in Singapore and met with immediate success.

This encouraged him to extend his activities throughout South East Asia, the Middle East and India. Today, Wanaromah Essential & Perfumes is a well-known and highly respected perfume brand in India and overseas. With its flagship store in Chennai, Wanaromah Essentials and Perfumes produces a wide range of exclusive, timeless and elegant fragrances ( Link )

From Southeastern countries to worldwide:

It also crafts custom-made signature fragrances to suit individual tastes. Its clients range from celebrities, politicians and businessmen, right down to any individuals. Our company's signature outlet remains at Dr. Radhakrisnan Salai at Chennai India, walk-in to determine your perfume personality and try our products at our wanaromah perfume library !

At now:

The family business is now in the capable hands of Mr. Mohamed Hanifa's grandson, Shahid Hanif. An experienced perfumer himself, Shahid seeks to build on his grandfather’s legacy and make Wanaromah Essential and Perfumes a household name in India and beyond. No elegance is possible without it. Our team is working in the best way and is committed to making your dreams come true and will do the utmost to make them happen. We are fully geared up to take up this new challenge and make this a success.

ISO Certified 9001:2015

Our Wanaromah perfume is certified for Fragrance Innovators, customized perfume and essentials in high-quality standards. Wanaromah Perfumes` Quality Control System is tasked with fulfilling all of the requirements of Standard ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees confidence in the reliability of the system, a progressive decrease in errors and inefficiencies, the fulfillment of all the necessary requirements and, hence, our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Everything that Wanaromah Perfumer produces must pass our strict Quality Control System before being shipped to our customers and all raw materials that enter our factory undergo the same rigorous checks before they are permitted to enter our stock.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the high quality fragrances exclusively designed for our customers which create values in their products. We will maintain a high level of excellence in our services, technology and scientific approach.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the benchmark in fragrance industry recognized for high quality fragrances, for the integrity of our people and innovative fragrances we provide.

Our Core Values


WANAROMAH offer operational excellence with high accuracy to bring high quality fragrances to our customers. With more than decades of industry experience & profound knowledge of natural and synthetic essential oils , aromatic compounds and other odoriferous substances.


WANAROMAH create signature fragrances for our customers, thanks to our exclusive palette of materials and passion for our work. With close partnership with our customers, we provide exclusivity to each customer. This exclusivity is given by our priviledge tailor made approach and our creative design process. In this way we support our customers to create value in their products.


WANAROMAH embrace highest technologies to deliver highest performance in our fragrances. We are continuously improving our fragrances by performing in a dynamic, flexible, adaptable environment. With our innovative fragrance technologies on wanaromah we create values for our customer products.


Technological and operational excellence and scientific expertise provides us high efficiency and effectiveness in our work. Apart from this structural integrity, we uphold the highest ethical standards, promote trust and respect, being a company of integrity. Our integrity is fundamental to our success. In all our work, we strive to be honest, transparent and open.


WANAROMAH place the highest value on our people and believe the company with the strongest team wins. Our core competitive advantage is our people. We have a positive environment within the company and this brings success and commitment to our work. We encourage our people with our on going learning and talent management programs.


WANAROMAH Being a family owned company since 1933, we value and understand that partnership is central to who we are and what we do. All our actions are centered around building sustainable relationships. We evolve long term partnership with our customers to offer a superior customer experience.

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